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    Max is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. He studies Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. Max also blogs about one his passions, bodybuilding, in addition to engineering.

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    When comparing the life of a bodybuilder to that of an entrepreneur, it may not seem as though the two would have a lot in common. However, that is simply not true. A bodybuilding lifestyle requires many of the same skills as an entrepreneur and leader. It is not surprising that an entrepreneur...
    Different types of diets have different rules and guidelines to be followed. Bodybuilding diets are no exception. An effective bodybuilding diet has just a few simple rules and is designed to supplement a consistent workout routine. While the diet alone can get you eating healthy and make it...
    Often, when people think of bodybuilding, they think only of lifting weights. However, lifting weights isn’t the only aspect of bodybuilding. Nutrition is a vastly overlooked factor and can be the biggest component of a bodybuilder’s life. And no, it doesn’t mean drinking just protein shakes all...
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